Ju Jitsu

What is Ju Jitsu (Jiu-Jitsu)

Jiu JitsuJu Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu, Jujutsu) is a traditional ancient Japanese martial art. The two Japanese characters “Ju” and “Jitsu” can be translated as flexible and martial art techniques respectively. Ju Jitsu (Jiu jitsu) literally means "gentle art" or “the way of softness” or “way of peace”. Ju Jitsu combines throwing, kicks and joint manipulation and locks techniques thus it's considered as a source of many systems. Ju Jitsu originated in Japanese Samurai schools where warriors were taught combat methods, including various weapons arts. During the Edo Period (1603-1868), under the Tokugawa government, Japan became a more peaceful area. Weaponless styles began to replace the weaponed forms of old. Also called " Ju Jitsu (Jiu jitsu)," it evolved among the samurai of feudal Japan as a method for dispatching an armed and armored opponent in situations where the use of weapons was impractical or forbidden. Ju Jitsu (Jiu jitsu) is the father of some fairly new martial arts. The Olympic sport and martial art Judo was developed from using several traditional styles of Ju Jitsu (Jiu jitsu) as the model by Kano Jigoro in the late 19th century. In the 1920's Useshiba Morihei developed Aikido which is based on Ju Jitsu (Jiu jitsu). As Ju Jitsu enter in to the West World during the 19th century it's use was known faster and it's start to be offered to police and military institutions by being reduced. In 1950's it has expanded to various country and come out through clubs and associations. Ju-Jitsu is an incredibly effective self-defense system (with minimum effort maximum efficiency). There are different spelling of Ju Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu, Jujutsu, Ju Jutsu in different countries and clubs because of difficulties in the transliteration of Japanese characters but the principle and techniques are similar. The Ethiopian Ju Jitsu Association chose the optional “Ju Jitsu” which is conform to Ju Jitsu International Federation.

Modern Ju Jitsu contains from ancient (Jiu jitsu, Jujutsu) like Judo (Sweeping and throwing), Karate (striking and punching), Aikido (joint manipulation and transferring power) also defending stick and knife techniques.The principle Ju Jitsu follow with out questioning sex, age, and health condition that any individual in a way interested and capable can use it. It is a Martial Art that small and weak looking person can be able to win big and strong one. Modern Ju Jitsu is not only given in clubs, police and military institutions but also children sport, women self defense, senior and university sports, and also for disabled. It can be applied for self confidence, developing determination, humbleness and more than anything for calming dispute or avoiding it, for being governed by law, for psychology and body strengthen.Ju Jitsu discipline has white up to black belt graduation program and competitions. The belt program can be achieved with long term training. Ju Jitsu competition is held in various Discipline known Fighting and Duo-Systems. All this competitions will be held as per the principle and regulation of Ju Jitsu International Federation. Competition will be held nationally, on continental and international level. JJIF’s formal scope is to gather Jutsukas from all Countries, and to develop a spirit of friendship and internal assistance among formal Ju-Jitsu Organizations all over the world. Ju Jitsu International Federation is member of World Sport Federation (GAISF/AGFIS) IWGA (International World Games Association) and various associations. One of the major objectives of Ju Jitsu International Federation is to make Ju Jitsu Olympic Sport. JJIF (Jiu Jitsu International Federation) contains many countries under continental level meaning African Jiu Jitsu Union, Asian Ju Jitsu Union, European Ju Jitsu Union, Oceania Ju Jitsu Union, Pan American Ju Jitsu Union. If we take the Germen Ju Jutsu Federation (DJJV) which is the founding member of Europe Ju Jitsu Union has 60,000 members and one of the biggest sport federations in Germany. The African Jiu Jitsu Union (JJAFU) is a young continental federation which recognized by African supreme council of sport and African sport confederation. It is the only highest representative and governing body for JJIF in Africa and an African Continental forum for Jiu-Jitsu where the National Official Sport Authorities can debate issues related to the practice of Jiu-Jitsu in order to establish continental Programs and activities, and in order to elect the institutions, which will implement them.

The Ju Jitsu Associations (EJJA) begun to establish in different regions and clubs since 2008, in millenium Ethiopia 2000 (Ethiopian Gregorian Calendar). EJJA is going to unify all Ju Jitsu like styles and implement Ju Jitsu as its representative martial art body in Ethiopia for the future and continue to spreed the sprit of the Pioneers of Ju Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu, Ju Jutsu, Jujutsu, BJJ, Judo styles) throughout in professional and organised way.